2013-2014 JAM Sessions


Oct 17-19, 2014

Embossed metal steamboat stacks created at Jeffersonville's Steamboat Days festival.

Towering Totems

June 21, 2014

In June we made ceramic pieces that will become colorful totems to adorn the public gardens in Jeffersonville. Towering and whimsical, this project introduced new media and techniques to our JAMers.

Dragonflies at JEFF Fest

June 7, 2014

We had a mini JAM Session at JEFF Fest again this year! Old table legs and ceiling fan blades were given new life in the form of colorful dragonflies. The whimsical creations adorn a fence at Allison Brook Park.

Earthship Bench

April 18 - 27, 2014

In April we began constructing an S curve bench using old tires, wine bottles and more. This piece was constructed on-site in downtown Jeffersonville. Because of the nature of the process and materials, the project took place over several weeks with the community coming together to help two weekends in a row! Once the concrete is fully cured the base will be painted to complete this project.

Artsy Assemblage

January 11, 2014

January's JAM Session was inspired by the work of Louise Nevelson. We created our largest sculpture to date with 28 shadow boxes assembled in the round for viewers to explore. The finished piece is located in the Clark Memorial Hospital lobby.

Sgraffito Tiles

at the Jeff Italian Festival

September 28, 2013


The September JAM session was held in the Jeffersonville Italian Festival on Court Ave. We created red, green and white tiles using an Italian technique called sgraffito. Our arts alliance assembled all of the tiles into a large wall piece inspired by the Italian flag to hang in Adrienne and Co. on Court Ave.


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